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What we do

Custom Designed. Family Owned. American Made.

We've been building top quality sawmill equipment for over 35 years.

Three generations of family ownership have laid a foundation of high-quality, integrity and innovation.

Complete line of sawmill machinery

Cone Machinery, Inc. manufactures a complete line of sawmill machinery, including:

  • Profiling system

  • Chipping edgers

  • Saw edgers

  • Optimized edger infeeds

  • Log turners

  • Canter infeeds (standard length and extended length)

  • Chipping canters

  • Circular saw sections

  • Single and double arbor gang saws

  • Vertical single and double arbor edgers

  • Dual hopper log shavers

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CNS-Related Items

Cone Machinery, Inc. specializes in modifying, improving, and rebuilding Chip-n-Saws. Many people on the staff are highly experienced with these machines. CNS machine improvements offered include:

  • State-of-the-art log scanning and setworks systems

  • Yield enhancement programs

  • Feed works conversions featuring Rex reducers


Cone Machinery parts division specializes in replacement parts and conversions for CNS as well as OEM replacement parts for various other machines.

Parts we manufacture are of the highest quality and our delivery times are better than industry standards. They include: 

  • CNS replacement parts

  • OEM replacement parts for any manufacturer

Our Facility

Our Facility

Cone Machinery, Inc. is located in Thomasville, GA (about 30 miles north of Tallahassee, FL). Our facility is just a half mile from the Thomasville Regional Airport. The staff is currently 40 employees, working in a 52,000-square-foot fabrication and machine shop facility.

Mechanical Service Personnel

Mechanical Service Personnel

Cone Machinery, Inc. offers an experienced 

permanent service staff, with additional personnel available for field work.

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Electronics Personnel
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Electronics Personnel

A highly competent electronics technician is available for programming work, interfacing, and installing programmable controllers and scanner computer systems.

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