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The newest innovation to the Sawmill Community. A Profiler allows our customers the ability to do away with their edgers. This machine will allow you to square the edges of the side boards that are produced.

Cone Machinery, Inc. furnishes this machine two ways. A Dual Profiler that will allow you the ability to edge a single side board on each side of the cant, and also a Quad Profiler that will allow you to edge two side boards off each side of the cant.

This machine will help you with recovery, yield, and minimize the foot print of machines, and conveyors within your mill.

Feed Roll Drives
The Feed Rolls are direct driven, with 7.5 HP TEFC motors and Rex Reducers

Positioning Cylinders

The Feed Rolls are controlled using Combo Linear/Pneumatic Cushion Cylinders to control the cant and feed it properly through the profiler. The Heads are all independently controlled with linears for precise lumber target sizing. Each Shifting module glides on linear rails with a powerful linear ensuring precise alignment from each cant.

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