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Infeed Section

Main Frame
Heavy steel main frame, tube and plate construction, 1/2" thick minimum. Mounts for log scanner units may be incorporated into the frame.

Bottom Chains and Chain Beds
Modern bottom chains are built using specially designed roller chain with shaped attachments welded to it. They run full length of the infeed mounted on a moveable chain bed. The chains have v-shaped guides on the bottom surface, preventing any lateral movement. The elevation of the bottom chain bed is adjusted by a hydraulic linear positioning cylinder, to vary the amount of wood chipped off by the canter bottom head.

Bottom Chain Drive Assembly
The bottom chain drive is floor-mounted using a 40 HP TEFC electric motor and a Rex or Cyclo reducer directly connected to the head shaft via a telescoping universal drive shaft.

Spiked Feed Rolls
One or two pairs of driven spiked feed rolls may be located at the rear end of the infeed. The spike rolls limit vertical movement of the logs as they pass from the bottom chain across the bottom chipping head and onto the tongue guide bar in the chipping section.

Side Shift
The entire infeed section can be shifted laterally by hydraulic linear positioner cylinders. This feature is useful for logs of certain diameters that can make lumber on one side only when the chipping heads and/or saws cannot travel to the optimum location due to mechanical constraints (the log's center of mass is shifted to compensate).

Press Rolls
Press rolls are mounted over the bottom chain and spaced to contact the top surface of each log at regular intervals. The press rolls are contoured (hourglass-shaped) to keep the logs tracking.

Pressure Shoe
A bar type pressure shoe is located at the rear end of the infeed between the spike rolls. It is intended to prevent or limit vertical movement of the logs as they pass across the bottom chipping head.

All Cone Machinery, Inc. equipment ships completely assembled and tested, ready for installation. Testing includes running the spike roll and bottom chain drives, and checking all hydraulic and pneumatic circuits for proper functioning. All solenoid valves are pre-wired to junction boxes for fast, easy connection on site.

Three sets of documents are supplied on CD-ROM. Documents include installation detail drawings, parts identification drawings, operating and maintenance instructions, hydraulic and/or pneumatic schematics, and recommended spare parts lists.

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