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Dual-Hopper Log Shaver

The Dual Hopper Log Machine's heavy duty construction is designed and built for long life in constant production. The machine is free standing with foot-pads suitable for bolting down and is ready for immediate connection to the electrical supply. A controls console is also available.

All Dual Log Box Shavers are delivered fully guarded and fitted with necessary isolation switches to meet safety regulations.
All Cone Machinery equipment is supplied in accordance with OSHA guide lines (unless otherwise stated).

One-Year Warranty
Our guarantee covers the replacement of parts, excluding abuse or excessive wear, for a period of 12 months from date of delivery or 2000 hours running, whichever comes first (with the exception of wear parts: knives, drive belts, etc.).

  • Top-Quality Shavings and High Production Rate (up to 8 tons/hour green)

  • Four Twelve-Knife Counter Rotating Shaver Heads w/50 hp Drive on each (adjustable for variable shaving thickness)

  • Massive Steel Tubing and 18² Channel Iron Main Frame

  • Dependable CMI Chain Drive w/30 hp Motor

  • For Hydraulic Models a 60 - Gal, 40 HP Custom Power unit will be used instead of a Chain Drive

  • Large Capacity Dual Log Boxes (up to 90 cubic feet capacity each)

  • Heavy Duty Carry-Off Belt for Shavings

Blue Diamond Dual-Hopper Log Shaver

Dual-Hopper Log Shaver

Hydraulic Dual-Hopper Log Shaver

Technical Details
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