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Small Log Machine

Cone Machinery offers the best small log processor on the market today. It features Cone's trademark simplicity of design, rugged construction, and low operating and maintenance costs. Where competitors rely on expensive scanning and computer modeling of the log, plus multiple linear positioners, to machine the log, Cone goes the other way - the simpler way. Cone uses multiple press rolls in the infeed module to flatten out any curvature in the log, then machines it to shape. Cants alone may be produced, or cants may be split into boards with the optional vertical edger.

The small log machine may be fed by a curved infeed conveyor, which will turn most logs horns down before they enter the infeed module. It can also be supplied with an optional log turner.

It can be set up to run at over 350 FPM, and depending on the log delivery system, may not even require an operator. Maintenance is simple and easy and no expensive high-tech computer gurus are needed to keep it on line. The low initial investment means the sawmill will reap the benefits sooner.

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