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Board Edgers

Cone Machinery, Inc. makes a complete line of edgers, including chipping edgers, remanufacturing heads, and saw edgers.

Any type of edger requires a good infeed table to present the board to the edger. Modern infeed tables are computer controlled, and accurately position boards for the best possible recovery. Cone Machinery infeed tables feature high-speed operation, simplicity of design, and low maintenance. These systems can process pieces from 4" to 28" wide and up to 3-1/2" high, at speeds up to 750 FPM. Users run as many as 30 pieces per minute.

Chipping edgers are used when space is a consideration and there is no room for handling edger strips.


Saw edgers are used when space allows, and offer feature improved edge quality and low maintenance.


Saw edgers can be configured many ways, but one of the most popular types is a three saw unit coupled with a remanufacturing head. The three saw arrangement allows the user to make a single board up to 12" wide using two saws only; to employ the third saw on wider material, or use the third saw to split boards.

The remanufacturing head can be used to machine off the top surface of boards that have excessive wane, salvaging a salable piece of lumber.

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