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Spline Remover

Spline Remover modules consist of a chipping head and drive motor with a press roll and vertical feed rolls. The press roll holds the cant down on the chipping head and the vertical feed rolls prevent the side boards from dropping into the head.

The Cone Spline Remover is unique in its ability to be adjusted vertically. This enables the user to fine tune the amount of material removed from the bottom of the cant, making for an accurately machined, square, and flat cant bottom.

Cone Machinery Spline Removers feature heavy-walled tubing main frames, chrome plated cant guides, idling or driven press rolls, and driven vertical feed rolls equipped with standard air cylinders or hydraulic linear positioners. The module is available with two or four vertical feed rolls. If the linear positioner option is selected, the feed rolls may be pre-set for the width of each incoming cant. Control of the cant is greatly improved, especially when a side board is produced on one side of the cant.

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