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Chipping Section

Bottom Head
The bottom head produces a key on the bottom of the log that is used to guide the log through the rest of the chipping module, running on a heavy machined guide bar.

Side Heads
This side heads machine material off of each side of the log as it passes between them. The side heads are mounted in heavy frames that slide on a machined slide base. Hydraulic linear positioner cylinders move the heads to make various cant widths. Each side head frame carries a driven vertical feed roll to help pull cants through the machine.


Top Head
The top head machines off the top surface of cants as they pass underneath it. The head is mounted in a heavy frame that slides vertically on a machined slide base. A hydraulic linear positioner cylinder moves the head to make various cant heights. The top head module features two driven horizontal feed rolls to help pull cants through the machine.


Guide Bar
This is the heart of the chipping canter. Cone makes the best one available, virtually indestructible. Made from 3" thick plates, it mates with the canter bottom head frame, side head slide base, and top head frame to form a solid unit. Hard chromed replaceable guide shoes bolt to the top surface; these are custom machined to match the profile made by the bottom head.

Canter Side Head

Canter Top Head

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