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Vertical Edger

Vertical Edgers come in single and double arbor models, all having a saw arbor standing vertically in the machine frame. Feed rolls and press rolls move the cant through the saws, with the result being a stack of lumber.

Single arbor machines (VSA) can saw cants 4" and 6" wide. They may have optional shifting saws, allowing the user to produce timbers if they wish to.

Double arbor machines (VDA) can saw cants up to 12" wide, and are available with the same saw shifting options to make timbers with one arbor if desired. Users run saws as thin as 0.140" in Southern pine, with exceptional results.

Cone Machinery, Inc. vertical edgers are all compact, low maintenance machines with ultra high performance. They can process cants up to 16" high at up to 350 FPM. Sawmills with Cone vertical edgers run saws as thin as 0.100" in Southern yellow pine, with excellent results.

Some features of the Cone Machinery vertical edgers include: Heavy wall main frames for durability; proven arbor design (several spline types available); and, feed rolls and press rolls are driven from above, and are easily removed for servicing. Steel or aluminum saw guides are available; efficient Saw Guide Lubrication System minimizes water/oil usage and maximizes saw life; and, heavy duty, chrome-plated lumber guides.

Vertical Single Arbor Edger

Vertical Double Arbor Edger

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